Organic Outreach

Our goal is to make outreach organic to the life and ministry of Cornerstone.

Ever since we developed a long-term strategic plan for reaching Cornerstone’s vision we have attempted to tackle one strategy at a time. We started with Effective Structures which yielded our W.E.L.L (Worship, Extending Grace, Living in Community, Learning to follow Jesus) team approach to ministry. This allowed us a place for each particular ministry team to call home and work with other ministry teams under their area toward shared goals. We then tackled Leadership Development which yielded a leadership evaluation tool and a leadership development path. Most recently came Evangelism phase 1 which was to find ways to connect with the neighborhood surrounding our campus. This leads us to our next strategy.

This year we will be tackling an Outreach strategy. Specifically, our goal is to make outreach part of the DNA of Cornerstone. We want to see it happen organically, as a way of life and a way of doing ministry. I have been part of an Evangelism Cohort made up of 10 other pastors in Katy that meet each month for a half-day with a coach from Wheaton College who works with pastors in helping their churches become more organic in outreach. I’m eager to see how this works out in the coming months and I hope you are too.

The strategy will begin with reading and training of our officers. Eventually we will be building an Outreach Influence Team to be made up of people enthusiastic, even if not necessarily gifted, at evangelism. For this to happen I need our people to pray for two things: One, our team’s success. Two, their own outreach temperature to increase. Will you join me in praying for these things?

Yours for the Kingdom,


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