Arc Open House August 10

Summer break is almost over.  This means the Arc of Katy will soon be leaving us.  It has been a wonderful summer full of crafts, food, and play time.

We have one last event with the Arc.  We are providing a reception at their annual Open House on Thursday, August 10 at 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.  Everyone is invited to join the celebration.  Doniece Russell is coordinating the reception.  She would like everyone to know she still needs a few volunteers to help at the event and a few food items are still needed.  To sign up, please visit:  Arc Open House Sign Up 

Thank you to everyone who has pitched in with our efforts to bless and encourage the Arc of Katy during their stay here on campus.  Especially:

  • Cosecha de Vida for moving their worship out of the gym for the summer
  • Linda Cover and Lee Williams for creating wonderful lunches
  • May Gourlay and Tucker Kutzer for providing recreation
  • Doniece Russell for helping out with Community Crafts and coordinating the Open House

The campers and staff at the Arc of Katy have told us over and over how they look forward to their summers here at Cornerstone.  Not only because they love the facilities, but because of the way we love on them while they are here.  Their campers are truly some of the happiest people we know.  If you have not spent time with them, you are missing out on a great blessing.

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