Harvey Relief


Harvey Update – 9/11 September 11, 2017

We sent crews to two homes this weekend (Friday – Sunday) for more cleanup, and another to unload a truck of donated supplies. Woohoo!

We emptied closets, removed appliances, cleaned and packed crystal, pots, and pans, pulled up wet carpets, busted out wet and moldy sheetrock, pulled out wet insulation and sheathing and so much more (great satisfaction for someone with OCD). THANK YOU to the many volunteers who were able to come out and help.

Still so much to be done…

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Our community is blessed with a large number of compassionate churches who have partnered together to serve our neighbors in this time of need. This site has been set aside as a “one-stop” resource to offer information for all of those who need help and all who want to be a part of the work that is happening in Katy to bring relief and hope in Jesus’ name.