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Discover God’s grace with us! God loves you just as you are. So come, like we do, just as you are–with all of your baggage and problems. But be ready, for God’s love never leaves you just as you are. He begins the lifelong work of renewal in your mind, your heart, and your life.

We hope that through visiting with us, you experience the hope, love and joy of a community that loves Jesus.



  • Bible Study, 9 AM. (September-May)
  • Coffee and fellowship, 10 AM.
  • Worship, 10:30 AM.

This Sunday:



What to expect in:

Vision and Values

Vision A “key purpose” or “vision statement” is meant to communicate how Cornerstone will seek to apply the mission of
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What we believe

We understand that there are many different particular churches and denominations, and yet, we believe that there is one true
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Worship (10:30AM)

Worship is a key aspect in our renewal. We were made to worship. Whether we realize it or not, we’re
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