The Word Became Flesh

April 8, 2018 Download: Audio

John 1:1-18

What does it mean to believe? For starters, it means knowing God. Just like any relationship, you can only know what God chooses to reveal about himself. (He isn’t anywhere we can get to, after all.) The Old Testament was a time when God related with people through mediators. This is what prophets and priests were—they mediated between God and man. Prophets spoke for God to the people. Priests spoke for the people to God. This was the arrangement. It was this way ever since the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve broke God’s only commandment. Ever since then, we’ve been separated from God’s presence, lest we die. And so, the mediators allowed the people God had chosen to reveal himself to know him, insofar as you could get to know someone through a mediator. Now through Jesus, He speaks directly.