KCM Apple Tree Project

Needy children in Katy need our help in a small way.  I had the privilege of working as a substitute school nurse in several Katy schools this spring.  I can confirm there are many needy children living right here in our own community.  This is a simple way to help minimize the stress and financial burden of the new school year.  You will find “Red Apples” on an apple tree in the church Foyer. Each apple represents one child from the grade level marked. We encourage you to pick an apple and donate the amount shown to KCM. Please make your check payable to Katy Christian Ministries. Give the Green Apple (writing your name and dollar amount donated) with your check to the church by placing it in the offertory plate on Sunday.  The last Sunday for collections will be July 22nd .  Keep the Red Apple as your tax receipt. 

Thank you in advance! 

Kathy Jorgensen (Cornerstone EPC board representative to KCM)

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