Gospel U. (Sunday School) at 9:15am

gospel-uCome for coffee and fellowship at 8:45am. Classes will begin promptly at 9:15.

There are three classes offered for adults:

Essentials of the Faith: Building a Biblical Wordview to Engage Culture
Taught by pastors Carter and Nathan in Covenant hall (next to the fellowship hall)

This class will look at the big issues facing us today such as “What is truth and where can we find it?” “Where did we come from?” “How can I find purpose?” “What’s wrong with the world and can it be fixed?” “What is real community?” “What is the Church?” “How can I mature in my faith?” among others.

We’ll look at why these are critical issues, how the world answers them (both from academia and pop-culture) and how we can build a Biblical view. It is a class designed for people wanting to know more about Cornerstone (you’ll find our core beliefs outlined in the way we answer the big questions) and for High School (and Jr. High) students and parents as we prepare students to be shapers of culture rather than shaped by culture.

Taught by Sam Downing in the Fellowship Hall

How do we move from people who cross paths on Sunday morning to people equipped to truly encourage each other in our faith as the Bible instructs? This class will use Larry Crabb’s book, Encouragement, to understand the Biblical teaching on encouragement and learn to practice the art of encouragement.

Memorize the Word
Led by Tom Fowler in the Conference Room

The Psalmist writes, “I have hidden your word in my hear that I might not sin against you.” (Psalm 119:11) We often understimate the power of having God’s Word on hand as we plan and go through life. This class will work on memorizing selected verses and meditating on their meaning. If you have taken this class before, there will be new Scripture to memorize in addition to opportunities to review past verses.

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