Men: Prayer, breakfast and Bible Study!


Please join us for prayer at 6am tomorrow (Friday) morning at 6 and breakfast and Bible Study at 6:30 in the fellowship hall. We’ll be studying Acts 6-7. Below are some of the questions to get you thinking…

AIM:  To appreciate the variety of needs and ministries in Christ’s church, and to see how God used suffering leaders throughout biblical history to deliver his rebellious people.

1.  What differences between members in the Jerusalem church provoked the discontent of Greek-speaking believers?  What differences between Christians today may threaten the unity of a congregation?  What features of the apostles’ attitude, as well as the solution they proposed, defused the tension and restored harmony?

2.  Why did the apostles refuse to neglect their preaching ministry in order to care for widows?  How do the qualifications they lay down for the leaders of mercy ministry show the importance, difficulty, and dignity of that ministry?

3.  Why did the developing leadership structure, with the Seven charged to care for widows in need, further the evangelistic expansion of the church?  Does the ‘division of labour’ between leaders who care for spiritual needs with the Word, and those who care for material needs with compassion and competence, operate well in your church?  How could it be improved?

4.  Why did Stephen’s preaching about Jesus provoke such strong opposition from the Hellenistic Jews who belonged to the Synagogue of the Freedmen?  If the message about Jesus is good news, why do people find it threatening?

5.  How did Stephen’s ‘defense’ speech answer the charge that he was attacking God by speaking of the destruction of the temple?  How may we be tempted to place more value on majestic buildings than on the reality of God’s presence?

6.  What threads woven through redemptive history link Joseph, Moses, the prophets, and Jesus, ‘the Righteous One’?

7.  How did Stephen follow the footsteps of his Master to death?  How did Jesus respond to his servant Stephen’s faithfulness?

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