Learning to Pray

learning-to-prayPrayer is a topic that leaves most of us feeling perplexed. On the one hand we believe prayer is an important part of life and on the other we struggle at it. How do we get past this? What should be our view of prayer? How much time should we spend praying? What should we say when we pray? This Sunday we will begin a new sermon series that looks at Jesus teaching on prayer.

About the Lord’s prayer Martin Luther wrote,

To this day I suckle at the Lord’s Prayer like a child, and as an old man eat and drink from it and never get my fill. It is the very best prayer, even better than the psalter, which is so very dear to me. It is surely evident that a real master composed and taught it.

If you have family members or friends that wrestle with prayer but haven’t a church home, please bring them. They will be blessed by Jesus’ important teaching.

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