Father/Son Retreat 2010

For the 2nd year in a row, several fathers and sons from Cornerstone attended a Father/Son Retreat at Camp Peniel. On April 30th we headed up to the Marble Falls area and kicked off a fantastic weekend together. The retreat is designed to foster the relationship between father and son while enjoying fun activities together with breaks for Biblical encouragement on raising sons. This year we were treated to Pastor Eddie Shigley, an entertaining and inspiring speaker from Oklahoma. He gave us lots of practical ideas for taking our children through the different stages of development – very similar to the “Stepping Stones” built into our CSCK approach. One thing reinforced for me was the importance of taking a weekend trip with my son at different times of transition in their life and focus on preparing him for the next few years. For example, at 12 or 13, taking your son away to prepare for he’s about to encounter with adolescence, especially with respect to the way he sees girls, grounding him in the importance of purity, and taking a step toward more intentional discipleship.

Not only did the weekend foster relationships between fathers and sons, but among the Cornerstone fathers and among the Cornerstone sons. We found that many of the fathers and sons in attendance were also there the previous year so that it has become a tradition. This means next year when we return, we’ll get to rekindle friendships that we started over this weekend with men from other churches.

In terms of the fun activities, well, I can show you better than tell you. Enjoy the video below.

Relive our weekend or see what you missed and make plans to attend next year!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for doing this Carter!


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