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tableproject-smallThroughout history, the dinner table has been a place of community. When we break bread together, we share lives together. As our world changes, and we become more driven by technology and fast food, the experience of real community is diminished. We want to get back to that. But rather than reject our culture and the ways it has potentially hindered community, we want to take advantage of it and use it to help us build community. To do this, we will be launching the Table Project.

What is the Table Project?

The Table is a relational, online web application, custom-tailored for the church. Through it, we aim to engage the community, empower leaders, and move people beyond the pews and into authentic, life-changing friendships.

Our culture is growing accustomed more and more to communicating via social networks. But most social networks are more about broadcasting yourself rather than engaging with others. Facebook can help reconnect with long lost friends. Both Twitter and Facebook can help to find out what others are up to. But they also serve well the narcissist and the voyeur in each of us. The Table is different in that it is designed to foster community interaction, rather than self-expression, and personal communication within relevant groups rather than global broadcasting. I’m very excited about the potential the Table has in bringing us closer together.

When will this launch take place?

We will be rolling it out at the small group level, so that we can experiment with the best ways to use it. At some point within the next month or two, expect to receive an email inviting you to join. When it comes, please take a few minutes to sign up and look around!

How can I find out more?

To find out more, please visit, The link is also available from the Cornerstone website in the blog entry of this article.

Striving side by side with you for the faith of the gospel,

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  1. Great idea. Of course, that is ALL I need…one more thing on the internet. Pat


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