Gospel U for Winter/Spring 2011

Sundays at 9AM we offer classes for all ages aimed at a bringing our faith to bear on the way we live.

Church Membership. This is a 3-4 week class that explains our vision/mission at Cornerstone, what it means to be a member, and the various ministries in which you can get involved. If you’ve attended for a while or brand new, this class should help you better understand how to be plugged into the life of our fellowship. Taught by Pastor Sanger in the Fellowship Hall.

Bible Background and Church History. After the conclusion of the Church Membership class, we’ll begin a survey of history that helps put the Old and New Testament in its historical context. As we march forward to the time of the New Testament, we’ll continue with a look at God’s activity in the history of the church from the close of the Canon (completion of the Bible) through today. Taught by Pastor Sanger in the Fellowship Hall.

Proverbs. Proverbs is chalk full of practical instruction for living within the Kingdom of God. What does it mean to be a “fool”? What should my business practices look like within God’s Kingdom? How should I view my elders, my children, and my relationships within God’s Kingdom? These are some of the questions that Proverbs is keen to answer. Taught by Elder Kent Saugier in Covenant Hall.

Cornerstone School of Covenant and Kingdom. This is our “school” for helping parents train their children and youth in the Bible. Children and youth will participate in Covenant training at age appropriate levels on certain Sundays and will separate into “houses” (teams) across age groups that will participate and/or compete in activities that will reinforce the lessons. Parents and Sr. High youth are invited to volunteer as trainers and helpers. Led by Pastor Nathan and Mrs. Carol Kutzer starting at 9 in the fellowship hall.

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