Bible reading plan: Character

In this morning’s reading in Romans 5 (McCheyne’s reading plan), Paul explains that suffering produces endurance which produces character which produces hope. Hope in the Bible is not merely wishful thinking, but a certainty of something not yet fully experienced.
This points us to importance of character. The Christian is to be a person of character. This doesn’t surprise us. We all want to be people of character. And to be people of character we must endure through suffering. What is helpful is to understand the meaning of the original Greek word that is translated “character.” It is used elsewhere in the New Testament to mean “proof” and another place value. A person of character is a person who has proven himself true in the face of suffering and trial and thus demonstrated his value. All of this leads to a real hope because it points to evidence of the Holy Spirit that is at work in us to bring to completion that which God began.
So let us be people of character for the glory of God.

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