The Fast the Lord Chooses

Below you can clink on the link to download our morning and evening devotional.  The mission team will be praying through this while we are on our mission knowing that you are fasting and praying with us.  If you are fasting from food, four days is a long time so if you get too hungry do not feel as though you have to prove your faithfulness and go the whole time.  That is of course not the point.  The point of the fast is designed to hoist the sails of our faith and give us a hunger for God.  When we feel those pains and want to reach for food, we reach to God and it is a reminder of just how dependent we are of him.  Also, feel free to fast from something other than food (internet usage, Facebook, TV, etc), whatever will hoist the sails of your faith pointing you to nearness of the one true God who loves us and provides all of our needs.   I am praying that his grace abounds as together we engage in the fast that the Lord chooses.


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  1. this is really great whoever edited the devotional for use during the mission trip was a genius. WOW! 😉


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