Gospel U / Sunday School Kick-Off

Summer Sunday school is soon coming to and end.  The last day will be Sunday, August 28.  Traditionally, we do not have classes on Labor Day weekend to allow our teachers a short break.  This year we will do the same.

However, there are events planned for September 4.  Following worship service we plan to offer another Spaghetti Lunch prepared and served by the youth.  The last one was quite successful and this will allow our youth to continue using the skills they acquired prior to and during the mission trip.

Following the Spaghetti Lunch on the 4th, CSCK will host the annual Casting Ceremony.  EVERYONE is invited to join us for this much anticipated event.  This candle lit event is when the CSCK students find out which House they will be in for the school year. (House of Noah, House of Abraham, House of Moses, or House of David).  This will officially, kick-off the CSCK year.

Additionally, on September 4 there will be the monthly visit to Sunrise Assisted Living Center.  We also plan to enjoy, what has become the traditional Labor Day beach trip that afternoon/evening.  More details on the beach trip will be provided later.

Fall Sunday school / Gospel U will begin the following week on September 11 with a Breakfast and Orientation at 9:00 a.m.  During the breakfast you will hear about all the classes planned for the fall semester.  The children will be dismissed around 9:15  or so for a rousing competition in the gym while the adults enjoy the Orientation.

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