ServeFest Alternative Opportunity

For volunteers too young or lacking the needed skills for this year’s ServeFest on September 24 we are offering an alternative opportunity.  While our families are out volunteering at ServeFest, Cornerstone will partner with ARTreach Katy for a Day of Caring.

The Day of Caring will take place here at Cornerstone.  Volunteers will spend the morning making recycled art Christmas wreathes for the low income seniors and foster care families in our community.  We will also make 5 wreathes for this year’s ServeFest beneficiaries.

To make this happen we need to collect a whopping 1,650 water bottles!!  We will begin accepting those now.  If you have time to remove the lids and labels then dry out the bottles before bringing them in that would be helpful.

For more information or to “sign up” for the ARTreach Day of Caring please contact the church office at 281-579-1080 or

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