Fanning the Flame and Effective Structures

This past month we have kicked off a team assembled to assess and strategize effective structures for our congregation. You might ask, what do you mean by effective structures? This strategy is meant to help us figure out the best way to push our vision down into the way we organize ourselves into ministry teams that work cooperatively and in complementary ways. This will help us do several things.

One, it will help us move to making every member a minister. The Bible teaches us that the church is a body with different parts, and each part is important to the overall health and function of the body. The officers are not to do the work of ministry but equip the people to do the work of ministry. Developing effective structures will help us organize ourselves into teams to give everyone a place to serve according to their unique gifts and passions.

Two, it will help us avoid the right hand not knowing what the left hand (using the analogy of the body) is doing. Coordination is imperative between our ministry teams and effective structure will help us coordinate this.

Three, it will help us keep our vision in view as we establish guidelines and parameters for each ministry team to work within. We don’t want to get stretched too thin. Our resources are limited and we need to a way to prioritize the many good ideas so that we can do those that line up most with our vision with excellence without the fear of getting burned out.

In addition to the effective structure task force kicking off, the FTF team is working on communication and crisis plans, as well as preparing to further develop our congregation’s prayer life.


Pastor Carter

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