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God is always at work building His church (adding to our number), beautifying His bride (sanctifying us), and equipping His body (spiritually gifting and calling us to serve together). One of the ways God strengthens us as a church and as believers is by opening our eyes to see this work. So how have you seen God at work?

Please share your story, no matter how small or insignificant you might think it is, of how you have seen God at work. It could be something that he provided, a way that he protected you, an insight he gave you, an opportunity to help someone, a fresh sense of His forgiveness. How have you seen God at work? Please use the “reply” below to share.

Pastor Carter

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  1. I’ll start. I just received a letter from Margo Montgomery, the woman who leads the Crossroads ministry that we visited this month as part of our CityEyes campaign. She writes,

    Wow! You were absolutely wonderful. Thank you for spending part of your weekend with us. Your great donations will be distributed this week, and all of you jumped in and sorted hygiene and clothing and helped us volunteers so much. I absolutely loved your Christian and loving servant spirit. I just know that God is going to bless each of you abundantly for caring and giving to those who have so little…
    Sincerely, Margo Montgomery, Volunteer Site Director of Crossroads.
    *Come back any time!

    Seeing the volume of donations at Crossroads and reflecting on the fact that they serve 300 clients twice a week with breakfast, lunch, haircuts, and supplies all by volunteer is an astounding testimony to God at work in people’s lives to move them to such service.


    • It’s really God’s story of redemption that He has let us be a part of and we’re thankful for that. We’ve had an unusual and difficult year that has caused me to think more about heaven. In March our daughter, Katie, had a miscarriage. She was 4 months pregnant with no known problems. We’ve never experienced anything so unexpected like this. Johnny and I were surprised by the depth of our grief. It’s very difficult to see your child grieve. We felt such a deep sense of loss, sorrow, and grief, but, God’s love and faithfulness is amazing and was more real than ever to us. We experienced God’s comfort, love, and peace in a deeper way. We realized our sin of presumption and have learned to trust more in God’s sovereignty. We have taken for granted the reality of the miracle of each child and are more thankful for the two grandchildren God has blessed us with.

      We have a renewed sense joy in our hearts, knowing we have a faithful and strong God who will never leave us and we praise Him.

      Psalm 59:16-17
      “But I will sing of Your strength, I will sing aloud of Your steadfast love in the morning.
      For You have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.
      Oh my strength, I will sing praises to You.
      for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love.”

      Thanks for letting us share,
      Johnny and Susie


  2. This 2011 Christmas season our family has been reflecting on Christmas 2010. Last year, on December 8th, we rushed to Midland to be with my grandfather as he was dying from lung cancer. Upon his diagnosis, six weeks prior, he moved into my parents’ home under Hospice supervision. In the midst of countless, cherished, final, moments, a few stand out in bold relief.

    L.G. Hughes, (Granddaddy), had faithfully cared for Viriginia, (Grandma), for 10 years as she slowly lost her mind to Alzheimer’s. Even in his final days, oxygen tank in tow, he visited her daily. His bride of 56 years, never recognized him, but often told her nurses, “he sure is handsome”.

    I will forever cherish my parents’ remembrances of standing outside Granddaddy’s door, listening to him pray. Every day he prayed for Grandma, and our entire family. And as a result, the topic of prayer has been on my mind a lot in 2011.

    Over the last few years, as the reality of evil, pain and suffering claw at my heart and cynicism overwhelms me, prayer has become more allusive and confusing. Often my prayer has been, “Lord, I have no idea what to pray, thank you Jesus for interceding for me!” Especially in facing sickness and death. Do I pray for healing? Do I ask God for a miracle? Do my prayers actually move the sovereign hand that has already written the Story from beginning to end? My granddad’s example has brought some resolution.

    First, he daily asked God to bring comfort and peace to Grandma and himself. He knew that the testimony of the presence of Christ in your life is not in the absence of trials, but the evidences of his power bringing us through them. Faith, patience, and the peace that passes all understanding so often speak louder than what we define as miracles. In fact, they are miracles in and of themselves. Many nurses, doctors, friends and family members are forever changed by what they witnessed in my grandparents’ journey through these trials.

    Finally, a few weeks ago it hit me, I should pray if for no other reason than the fact that Jesus prayed. It boggles my mind that he is the God of the Universe and yet he prayed. In his darkest moment, he asked God the Father to let the cup of his wrath pass him by, yet not my will your will be done.” The mystery of how the Creator prays this, is completely beyond our human capacity to comprehend, but I see that Jesus prays and so I must do the same. Just like Granddaddy didn’t hesitate to ask for healing and Thy will, not mine… “Lord, please take Ginny home.”

    The Fanning the Flame process has been a catalyst for our entire congregation to focus on prayer resulting in some insights for which I’m very thankful. Trey shared with me an essay that J.C. Ryle wrote in 1816. He mentions the following: “Deathbeds are great revealers of secrets. I cannot forget what I have seen of sick and dying people….Faith is to the soul what life is to the body. Prayer is to faith, what breath is to life. How a man can live and not breathe is past my comprehension; and how a man can believe and not pray is past my comprehension too. “

    The only secret revealed on Granddaddy’s deathbed was a life of earnest, closet prayer. His final, burdened breaths in this world supported praises to Jesus with his family gathered around him, and the presence of our Savior enveloping us all. People often ask me if singing runs in my family. My love of music does indeed come from a long tradition of southern gospel “Singin’s”. I’ve included a link to a video of my granddad just hours before he passed as our family sings Christmas carols and I’ll Fly Away….listen for granddaddy, he’s singing harmony. Grandma was healed 5 days later, and they are now singing praises together for eternity.


  3. My aunt and uncle were the ones that everyone came to with their problems. They both loved Jesus and I miss them so much, but I know that are in a wonderful place. I have their baby dog, Becka. Everytime I look at her, I think of them.


  4. One way I have seen God work in my life recently is by using the Fanning the Flame process to unify my family. 2 weeks before Christmas, Brooke and I went away to a lake house north of San Antonio by ourselves for 3 days. It was an amazing time of rest for us. We were able to walk around with deer, have conversation with one another, conversation with God, and immerse ourselves in his Word without any distractions. This was significant after a long year filled with great struggle and significant loss. During this time away the Lord laid it on our hearts to develop a family mission statement. We were asking Him questions like: “What should our lives and our family look like if we are following You?” “How have you uniquely gifted us a family to serve you?” “how would you, God, have the Caricos live for the next 11 years?” We used 11 years as a measure because that is when our youngest (Autumn) will be 18 and hopefully getting ready to leave to become a more independent image bearer of God, seeking His direction for her life.

    One afternoon at Canyon Lake, Brooke and I spent time making lists, storyboarding, dreaming, and she drew pictures of all of these things and we came up with a common thread that seems to run through our family. We love story. Story in theatre, story in song, story in TV dramas and films, in novels, we love listening to the stories of others, and we love sharing our story. Most importantly, we see ourselves in God’s story. This drama in which God is redeeming the world through the death and resurrection of his Son and His already/not yet kingdom that is unfolding as we speak. After hours of prayer and meditation on this we came up with this mission for our family. For the next 11 years…”the Caricos exist to know, share, and live out the story of God’s kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

    Knowing the Story — We will continue to tell one another this story through various means, but we will point back all education and all knowing to this drama.
    Sharing the Story — What ways can we as Carico’s share the story of God’s kingdom come in our family? Through relationships and conversation? through music? Through the arts?
    Live Out the Story — What ways can we as Carico’s live out the story? Strengthening our family and our extended families…self sacrificial love to one another and to our neighbors who are deeply broken. Also, we decided that some day we want a big garden…subdue and have dominion…this is living out kingdom come on Earth.

    There are other things that we dreamed that come under these three headings but I just wanted to share some ways that God is leading us at this time as a family.

    I am hoping this mission will give our lives more significance/direction and less chaos. As our kids get older and busier we hope to filter everything we do through this mission. We tried to make it broad enough not to limit God in what he can do through us, but also we wanted to make it defined enough to give our lives focus. If nothing else, it united Brooke and I together. Thanks be to God for his work in our lives!


  5. I know God is at work when I see my family find the good things in what seem to be major disappointments. I know he is changing our hearts and renewing us when I see them thank God and remember that all of these things may just some how be a blessing to us and they watch for it. That is God’s mighty hand!


  6. It was such an encouragement to me to hear Dick Hedin’s children, at his funeral, speak about how Cornerstone had been “a family” for Dick. One of our our goals, when the church moved to Katy twenty years ago, was to “be family” for people in the community who needed that support – to provide (along with good, sound, Christian teaching and preaching) encouragement, love, and practical help that many who were uprooted from their natural families were missing. God has certainly honored that desire, and he has glorified himself in the love that is shown among our members.


  7. I saw God at work in a mighty way, this past Resurrection Day. I work a four week on, four week off rotation in Algeria, and a day here begins looking like Groundhog Day, each day, every day, after just a few days. As I was walking back from breakfast that morning, the sun began to rise, like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion, like a champion rejoicing to run his course. Up until that point, I was certainly aware it was Easter, but this image brought the Psalm 19 passage to me in a way that thrilled my heart.

    I’ve developed a good friendship with a guy named Jim, a Christian brother. This is such a blessing since there are so few Christians here. Later on that morning, Jim and I were walking to lunch with our new boss, Mark. I had talked with Mark a few times, and from his language and a few other things, his being in spiritual darkness seemed evident; I was hoping to have an opportunity, sometime, to share the gospel with him. Mark was asking Jim what he did at lunch, since he always took a salad back to his room, and Jim said, “Well, I do a study.” Mark said, “What kind of study?” And Jim said, “A Bible study.” Well much to my surprise Mark came back with, “That sounds like something I’d like to be involved with.” Amazing.

    It looks like now we’re going to start a Bible study, once a week for now, and I’m going to lead it with R. C. Sproul’s book, The Holiness of God. There are a couple of other Christian men here and I believe that we can have at least five guys to begin with. As I said, what a blessing. I’ve been praying for opportunities to witness ever since I’ve been here, and this might be a great format to witness and disciple at the same time. I’m so grateful to God for this opportunity. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  8. Thanks, Carter. Same here.


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