Update on Haiti Trip

Nathan Stricker and Blaine Chartier will be leaving for Haiti on Wednesday the 24th for 7 days to build houses for homeless Haitians and ministering at an orphanage filled with discarded children. Nathan and Blaine will physically be there, but that doesn’t mean the Cornerstone family can’t be just as involved in the mission work. Here are the needs we still have:

  • Spiritual:  Prayer, not to be underestimated. Please pray for us before we go and while we’re there.
  • Orphanage:  (Please drop off at the church office by Monday the 22nd) Parent’s Choice Powdered Milk-based formula from Wal-Mart. (please don’t use a substitute as the children don’t respond well to the change); Over the counter medications and vitamins; Cloth diapers; Underwear for both boys and girls any size; The orphanage is still collecting Christmas gifts for both boys and girls, infants through older teens. Anything would be helpful, but please remember these items will have to be taken in luggage on an airplane.
  • Financial Support:  Still need help covering some costs of the trip (i.e. airfare, extra baggage fees)

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