Fall 2013 Sunday School/Gospel U Options

Sunday School is scheduled to resume on September 8.  This year we will have two options for adults and will continue Cornerstone School of Covenant and Kingdom (CSCK) which is primarily a ministry for families; however, everyone is welcome.

  • Toddler Sunday School:  For children aged 2 to 3 years old.  This class will present the first 10 questions of the Children’s First Catechism.
  • CSCK:  This year’s theme is “Problema et Resolutio” and will cover questions 29-57 of the Children’s First Catechism.  CSCK is lead by a team of instructors and volunteers (Professors and Scholars).  Click here for more information.
  • Basic Training:  Pastor Carter Sanger will lead this class and will cover many topics such as The Essentials of Faith, Cornerstone membership, Spiritual Giftedness and Pathway to Leadership.  This class will begin in September and run through the spring semester.   For more information contact Pastor Sanger at cdsanger@gmail.com.
  • Alive in Christ:  Jonathan Tucker will lead this study of Ephesians.  This class will be an interactive study of Paul’s letter written to strengthen believers by explaining the nature and purpose of the church, God’s grand purpose in history, unity in the church and Christian conduct. This class is for the fall semester.  For more information contact Jonathan Tucker at jtucker@jbtcpa.com.

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