Winter 2014 Sermon Series

Beginning January 19th we’ll begin a sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount. As we live in a world with shifting values and a personalized sense of truth and virtue, how are we to live as Christians? With authority, Jesus points us back to God’s law in a way that invites us to see its beauty, while not diminishing its weightiness. This is no small task. Too often today God’s law is viewed as negative. Some see only its condemnation. Others see it only as a set of strict, no-fun, set of rules. Jesus instead shows us a Kingdom that shines a light in the darkness and extends love to the hopeless.

What does life in the Kingdom of God look like? What are the virtues and the values of this kingdom and how do they compare and contrast with those of the world? Jesus tells us in his famous Sermon on the Mount by expounding the law of God, allowing us to see the beauty of God’s character, and by fulfilling the law of God, enabling us to become citizens of His kingdom.

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