Grow: Leadership Class – beginning Nov 12th

Wednesday, November 12 from 7-9pm we will begin a Leadership Class. This class is for anyone who wants to take a much deeper look at theology and learn about mentoring. It will last about 6 weeks (with a break for the holidays) and will require 100-200 pages of reading in order to prepare for discussions.

Some of the topics will include:

  • Church history
  • Doctrine of Scripture
  • Theology (study of the nature and attributes of God)
  • Anthropology (study of the nature and attributes of man)
  • Christology (study of the nature and attributes of Christ)
  • Soteriology (study of salvation)
  • Holy Spirit
  • Ecclesiology (study of the church) and the Sacraments
  • Eschatology (study of the end times)
  • Mentoring

This is a required class for potential officers and an encouraged class for everyone else. This class is designed to follow the Vision and Values and Discipleship classes, though these other classes are not required.

Will you join us?

In Christ,

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