Study on Proverbs

For the remainder of the summer, there will be an adult class on Sunday mornings to survey major teachings from Proverbs.  This will be a Bible study with a loose design, casual and conversational.  Jonathan Tucker will provide some content for discussion each class and reading assignments/challenges.  The class meeting will start Sunday, July 19 and go through August 30, depending on attendance and interest.  We will meet in the Library/Conference Room in the Educational Building.  We will start at 09:15 and end around 10:00.

No children’s programs, childcare or nursery will be provided during this time as this was not part of the original plan for the summer, but came about as a result of the youth meeting for the remainder of the summer.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact Jonathan Tucker ( at your convenience.  Thank you.

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