Star of Bethlehem – Dec 11

Christ EPC and CRU are cohosting Star of Bethlehem on Dec. 11.

“We saw His star in the east and we have come to worship Him.” Matthew 2:2

Come solve an age-old mystery for yourself! A strange star is claimed to have appeared at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Dr. Rick Larson’s Star of Bethlehem presentation is an investigation of this story found in the Gospel of Matthew, a story often called the “Star of Bethlehem.” It brings the words of Roman and Jewish historians alongside the visions of ancient prophets. It mixes “modern” mathematicians with murderous turmoil in the Roman imperial court. It combines all these with astronomical facts which no one disputes. The conclusion is that the star was a real event!

The Bible says the stars can carry messages from God on high. If that is true, then beyond any other message, the fundamental meaning of the Star of Bethlehem is that God is there. The stars were part of his communication to those living in the Magi’s day. Through our understanding of what happened in the heavens, He continues to speak to us today.

This inspiring presentation will give you a fresh appreciation of Christmas, when our holy God became man, that we might become reconciled to God. You will not want to miss the opportunity to invite a friend to see this amazing and creative presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. To experience the presentation, please join our friends of Christ EPC Friday, December 11, at 7 pm.


Tickets can be purchased by contacting the CEPC church office at 713-526-1188, or online here: Online Tickets for Star of Bethlehem.

Please note that the online ordering system does not support the Safari app. If you’re having trouble purchasing tickets online, please contact the church office for assistance.

This year, we are pleased to partner with Cru in presenting The Star of Bethlehem. Visit the Cru Website for more information about their ministry.

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