Theology on Tap

theology taps onlyWe had such a rich time on Wednesday nights this past fall discussing theology during our Leadership Training, we plan to follow-up with an invite to the congregation (and community) with theology discussions for the laymen, particularly discussing how sound theology can strengthen your walk with God and encourage godly living. John Soden has offered his talents and will contribute articles related to each topic for discussion. For sources, we’ll use the Westminster Confession of Faith (and Larger and Smaller Catechisms) and Michael Horton’s, The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrim’s on the Way

We’ll host it on the patio (around the fire if needed) with possibly a light supper and child care. Just wanted to put it on your radar. More details to follow.

4 Comments On “Theology on Tap”

  1. What night will it be on? Or is that still tbd? Miss y’all and Wednesday study! Maybe I can join once a month ?


  2. Probably Wednesday nights, though we haven’t committed yet. We miss having you there! I hope you can make it.


  3. When will this start?



      Working on it. The likely target is Thursdays beginning January 28. I’ll post an update when this is confirmed.


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