Guatemala Mission Trip

Cornerstone has supported Pastor Juan Monroy’s theological education for the past several years. In May it’s time to celebrate his graduation!

We’re putting together a trip to attend his graduation from Seteca Seminary in Guatemala City, see some of Guatemala, and participate in mission work around Jalapa, Guatemala.

$180 deposit due Feb 14. Itinerary and Details

Flying out from Houston International Airport the evening of May 24 and returning the afternoon of May 31. The approximate cost is $1370/person.

Interested? Send an email to Pastor Carter:

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2 Comments On “Guatemala Mission Trip”

  1. Very excited about this trip! The chance to celebrate what the Lord is doing & meet His people.


  2. The details, information and communication methodology are excellent, even outstanding. I have previous travel commitments and am unable to participate but without that i’d participate in a second.


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