Calling all Gardeners!

From Doniece Russell –

Ladies we are in need of gardeners willing to propagate plant starts for our spring fellowship event! Would you be willing to commit to rooting, sprouting, preparing seeds, dividing bulbs,etc. to share with other women of our church? Our hope for the day is for less experienced gardeners to have a little help and encouragement. In order for this to happen we will need plants to give away. That’s where you come in! Obviously this takes a little planning and forethought. In order to have plants ready by the May 4 fellowship we need to get started.

Please include a care and information card with basic instructions for raising the plants you bring, similar to what you would get if you bought at the store. Also, include your name and number so the person receiving your plant could call you if they had a question about it. Again,I am asking you to commit to sharing what you have with other women of the church. Please consider bringing 5 or more starts of one or more varieties of plants. It is a little work, but my prayer is that it would be a blessing to others. Please contact me if you can bring some plant starts. Thank you and may God bless the work of your hands!