Church Work Day Apr 20

As you no doubt understand, Cornerstone relies heavily on the good efforts of all of us to maintain basic services and facilities of the church. The Deacons are scheduling a work day at Cornerstone starting at 9:00 a.m. on April 20.

There are a variety of tasks ranging from ‘light’ to ‘heavy’ needing completion to maintain good condition of the facilities and safety of our members, especially our kids. We have particular need for the following talents: painting, overseeing Boy Scouts, light carpentry, and cement work. The Deacons would particularly appreciate two volunteers who would be willing to go secure materials on the 18th or 19th so that the crew on the 20th can spring to task quickly and efficiently.

This is also a great opportunity to bond with fellow church members you know well, and to come to a deeper knowledge and appreciation of those you don’t. Bring your family, and let them grow closer to their church community. Organizing the day requires a good headcount, so please let Joe Gourlay know as soon as you can if you or any member of your family will join us.