More Details on Farmers to Families Food

As part of the USDA’s $3 billion program to help our farmers by buying meat, dairy and fresh produce to give away, we have a wonderful opportunity to share God’s riches with our neighbors.  On June 12th, boxes of fresh produce will be available to be distributed by Katy-area churches.  All the costs of this program are being paid by the USDA; the food is free to us.  Inserts can be added Inside these boxes to share the Good News of Jesus and provide helpful aids for people struggling in their homes.

This effort in the Katy area is being organized by the affiliation of 30 or so churches in Christ Together Katy.  Kingsland Baptist and The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch are the main organizers.

We are free to request as many boxes of food as we would like!  There is no reasonable limit.  The picture shows what will be in each box.  A box will contain bags of potatoes, onions, oranges, apples, carrots and dried beans.  This food is not just for the needy, although those are among our highest priority.  This program was designed to help our farmers, and we can all join in doing that by getting a box for ourselves.  Our main emphasis will be for Cornerstone congregants to distribute food boxes to their neighbors.

There are three groups that Cornerstone is targeting for this food:

  1. Cornerstone members for themselves and their neighbors
  2. Memorial Parkway residents
  3. Cosecha de Vida members and friends

Cornerstone congregants will need to place your orders with Debi Barrett ( for the number of boxes that you want for you and your neighbors, by Friday, June 5th, for pick up in the Cornerstone parking lot on the 12th. 

For Memorial Parkway residents and Cosecha de Vida, a website will be set-up,, for people to reserve however many boxes of food they want.  Friday, June 12 is when the boxes of food will be available for pick-up at Kingsland Baptist and Powerhouse Church.

A lot of details are being worked out at this time.  Updates will be posted on the Cornerstone website as we learn more.  A really fast turnaround for all of this to get done, a God-sized task for which He is able.