Cornerstone Reopens for Worship Jun 14

Dear Cornerstone Family,

Praise the Lord! The day has come when we can gather and worship together. Cornerstone will reopen for worship on Sunday, June 14. How we have all longed for this day!

Even though we are still working on a few challenges with live streaming, we can no longer wait to be in physical community with each of you. One of the things I hope everyone has missed dearly is Communion. We plan to offer communion on June 14, but there will be departures from our customary format, in order to make it as safe as possible for all participants. All the Elders will be wearing masks and gloves. Once the elements have been blessed wait until an usher directs you to come up front. When you come up to receive the bread hold out your hand and the Elder will place a piece bread in your hand. You will then move to the Elder holding the tray of juice and wine and tell him your preference. He will place the cup in your other hand. You will return to your seat, hold the elements until all have been served and then we will take the elements together.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Don Russell.

On behalf of your Officers and Task Force,
Gene Cover