Hurrican Laura Relief Items due Sep 11

Hello from Rhonda!

After Hurricane Harvey, a good friend of my sister-in-law organized a truck full of supplies to be sent to Cornerstone, which we distributed. It was a blessing to give out box fans, dehumidifiers, shovels, bleach, etc. to families in immediate need of supplies. Sarah Joy Hays is a single working mom who rallied to meet the needs of the south Louisiana floods of 2016, and subsequently started the Foot Above Foundation which is once again striving to meet the great need in wake of Laura.

Sarah Joy, who lives in Baton Rouge, is working with the church in which she grew up just outside of Lake Charles, and they are trying to meet the needs of at least 55 families. She is focusing on families with babies first, one of which was born via C section last Tuesday.

My goal is to fill up as many pick-up trucks (or larger) in Katy/Houston that we can and have a caravan drive supplies to Moss Bluff this Friday, or possibly Saturday. If we gather enough items, and you have a truck and are willing to make a trek to Moss Bluff, let me know!

If you are not in Houston, and want to send gift cards or donations directly to Foot Above Foundation to purchase items from local stores there, visit the Foot Above website. You will see several ways to donate, including an Amazon wish list, and can find more information.

Immediate needs include:
Size 1 and size 6 diapers (but any size will be helpful)
Gift cards from Sam’s, WalMart, Target, Kroger, gas stations, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Stine’s, Albertson’s, and Dominoes, McDonald’s, Cane’s, and Waffle House are open generators
baby wipes
hand sanitizer
fire ant poison
mold spray
dawn dish soap
plastic totes
work gloves
trash bags (contractor or giant leaf-heavy duty)
roofing nails
gas cans
oil for generators
sports drinks
extension cords
AC window units
dog/cat food
kitty litter
paper plates
toilet paper
chap stick
non perishable foods easily prepared without electricity
granola bars
single serving items or resealable (humidity)
mosquito repellent
sun screen

If you want to purchase an item to be taken to Louisiana, you can drop it off at my house.

Grace & peace,