Communion Set Up

The new year is approaching, and Linda Lott is ready to get schedules together for communion set up.  If you think you might be interested in helping out, please let her know. You can reach her at (281) 799-1172 or

She tries to set things up on a month to month basis. If a month is too much, she can always get some pairs going. 

The duty is very simple, and she will share the instructions with you if you decide you’d like to participate. 

We have had a wonderful crew for the past 4 years who have faithfully served, and we hope they will continue to. But, it’s awfully nice to have others join in.

What a great way to serve the body of Christ – by preparing the body of Christ to be served at communion.

God bless, and we hope you will contact Linda Lott with eager hearts to serve!