Visiting the cave identified as the birthplace of Christ was an experience. The Church of the Nativity was built over the site, which is a cave. So many people stand in line to see it. The line is perhaps a dozen people wide and 100 or more feet long which leads to a staircase leading down into a small doorway built around the entrance to the cave. It is like a funnel of people trying to drain down into the cave entrance. It is chaotic, tight, and stressful as everyone tries to squeeze their way through. Inside it is cramped and hot with tour guides instructing their people and often yelling at others. I wanted to let the moment to contemplate the reality of Christ himself being born on this spot (or one nearby) but instead I was struck by how selfish we are as a people. Everyone wanted their moment and it was clear that those around them were simply hindrances. It was the irony that struck me: the one who said, “the last shall be first and the first shall be last” was being “worshipped,” if you can call it that, by those who all put themselves first. How we need Jesus to come do a work on our hearts.