Worship on the patio is moved to 10:30am

Join us for worship IN-PERSON Sundays at 10:30am in the sanctuary or on the patio. Live-stream is also available.

Masks are strongly encouraged but not required. The patio is reserved for those who prefer to worship in the open air and with increased social distance. Communion will be served in the sanctuary and on the patio. The playground is closed during the service.

When it comes to masks, we ask that you respect those who differ in their choice in keeping with the EPC motto: in the essentials, unity, non-essentials liberty, and in all things charity.

We need your help!

As you might guess, there is much that goes into the worship service. We’re looking for volunteers to help in a variety of ways.

  • Your family. We want to see our families! It’s great seeing each others’ comments, but we miss seeing faces. Would you take a short video of your family and email it to Roy Thomas? In the video, tell us who you are, what you’ve been up to during these stay-at-home days, and anything you might like to say to the Cornerstone family.
    Send Roy your video
  • Everyone. Send Roy Thomas a pic of your family during worship with a 1 sentence message to the Cornerstone family.
    Send Roy your photo
  • One or two volunteers needed. Technical help is needed to prepare the bulletins with music for worship. This person will get the lyrics from the Planning Center and update a formatted version of the lyrics into the worship bulletin. Requires about 30 minutes per week. Will train!
    I can help!
  • One or two volunteers needed. Technical help is needed to update the website with the sermon video and audio. Requires about 30 minutes each Sunday afternoon. Will train!
    I can help!
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