My African Journal: Day 3.

[googlevideo width=”400″ height=”326″][/googlevideo] This morning we dropped off the medical supplies from America (some from Cornerstone) to Evangel Hospital. It reminds me more of a MASH unit than an American hospital, and yet it has the most advanced specialties in certain areas in all of West Africa. Amazing. When you first go into a place

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Lessons from Africa: Abuja to Jos.

This past July Rhonda and I joined Drs. Joel and Cindy Anthis and their family on a mission trip to Nigeria. It was an amazing experience. From our arrival in Abuja to our time in the bush with the Fulani tribe we were in a continual state (at varying degrees) of culture shock. But I

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Notes from General Assembly

As always, GA was a great time to get away, hear some good speakers, catch up on what’s going on across our denomination, and be a part of a bigger picture of the church and her mission. During the workshops, I heard from Dennis Haack (Ransom fellowship, and Steve Garber (direct of the Washington

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The Fridge Picture

I’ve never been big on putting up pictures to help motivate me to lose or gain weight, or anything else for that matter. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had pictures in my mind. Certainly I have those from time to time, but I guess I’m too self-conscious for people to know that. I do remember

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Grace and Judgment (and a note on brotherly love)

(This entry is a follow-up to “Gracious Living” preached on March 2, 2008). Yesterday morning we talked about the relationship between gracious living and reward, gracious living and judgment, and gracious living and the heart. On the surface gracious living seems contrary to judgment. God instructs you to love your enemies and pray for those

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