2019 Cornerstone Directory

Work on the new church directory has begun. If you changed your contact information over the past year please be sure to let Linda Cover know or email Carol Kutzer. Family photos can be updated by sending a digital image to Carol at info@CornerstoneKaty.org. You should expect publication by the end of February.

Krause Angel Tree

Beginning November 11 you will be able to select an ornament from the Christmas tree in the foyer. On each ornament will be a gift item for Caitlin, the 14-year-old girl Cornerstone has “adopted” this Christmas. Or it might be a generic item for any of the other 60 girls at Krause.  The Krause House has very specific instructions on what items to avoid.  Before shopping, please review them here:  Krause House Instructions.

The items are due to Cornerstone by December 2 and should be unwrapped. Please pray for Caitlin and for Krause House in general. For more information about Krause House please visit: Upbring.org/Krause.

Men’s TWC July 7

The next Men’s TWC is scheduled for Saturday, July 7 at 6:00 p.m. at the home of the Lott’s. TWCs are events for men who attend Cornerstone (and their friends) to enjoy time together discussing theology. Bring your favorite beverage and munchies if you are able. Contact Tom Lott for more information.

Harvey Relief – Sep 7

We ended the week with a grande finale!  We had 74 children today!!!! We had slightly fewer volunteers – but we did it!

After some Googling, we think Cornerstone & the wonderful community of volunteers provided $10,550 of childcare this week. That doesn’t include the value of the gracious amounts of food we received.

We met some wonderful people this week….both volunteers & families dropping off kids. Heard so many stories. Poured out more love on these kids than is humanly possible. (Yet another way God provided in abundance!!)

I seem to remember I have a real job sitting behind a desk…have I ever told you how much I love my desk!?!

Harvey Relief – Sep 6

Assessed more homes today as a couple of neighborhoods became accessible for those with high trucks. Lots of work to be done and lots of opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ in our backyard mission field.

Childcare update: Day three ended with 38 kids. Several new faces both kids and volunteers.

Chick-Fil-A donated another 50 meals today. The Arc of Katy donated pizzas, watermelon and paper products. Lots of random donations of snacks, juice boxes, fresh fruit and veggies.

No dance instructor today. But we did have 3 wonderful younger gentlemen from SpringFree Trampolines come and put together obstacle courses and other outdoor games with the kids. They had so much fun, they asked their boss (who was going to send out another crew tomorrow) if they could be the crew to come out. So helpful – so nice. see photos.

Once again, we had the right number of volunteers for kids. God knew what we needed and provided just the right amount. Everyone had plenty of food.

No major booboos. Everyone safe and healthy.

Again, God provided in abundance.

Harvey Relief – Sep 5

Got to muck out another home today with a great group of volunteers. Also had a great day of free child care, enabling others in our community to be part of the cleanup and relief efforts. Not on the Muck Crew notification list? Here’s how.

We had 50 children in our care today. Another dance teacher volunteered her time to teach all the classes. Pepperonis donated 15 large pizzas, Chick-fil-a donated food, as did so many from the community.

The sign up for volunteers tomorrow & Friday is filling up. Sign-up soon!

God continues to provide in abundance!!

See below for a view of some high water…

Extending Free Childcare Sep 4-7. Volunteers needed

We’re extending our free childcare! Click here to Volunteer

1st day of Free Childcare went very well. We cared for 53 children. We had approximately 20 volunteers from Cornerstone and other churches.

Chick-fil-A dropped off meals for the kids, Katy Elk Lodge dropped of 50 kid’s meals and 50 adult meals (some of which were delivered by volunteers to those cleaning out homes). Individuals also dropped off lunches, cookies and snack food. Everyone was well fed and we have some for tomorrow….with more donations due tomorrow as well.

We had a nurse show up to help out. Sarah from Shine Music and Dance taught dance movement classes to all the kids. No booboos – no sick kids or volunteers.

God provided abundantly!

Click here to Volunteer

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