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are we there yet

Are we there yet?

Pastor’s Blog
You’ve probably heard this question a hundred times, some of which, I’m sure, were from your own lips. We ask it when we’re on a journey and we’re ready to reach our destination. It’s probably poorly worded since the answer …
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Old Jerusalem

A Walk Through History

As you may know, I visited the Middle East earlier this month. Perhaps a more accurate description would be, I ...


Visiting the cave identified as the birthplace of Christ was an experience. The Church of the Nativity was built over ...
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church - Bible Study

Personal Relationship with God, Bible Study, and the Church

American culture has been shaped by rugged individualism. (Remember the Marlboro Man?) As a result, when we think of our ...
Awaken West Houston 2023

Awaken West Houston 2023

January 30 – February 28 When the apostle Paul was preaching about Jesus in the Greek city of Corinth in ...
Christmas comes at just the right time Cornerstone Church blog post

Christmas Comes at Just the Right Time

In C.S. Lewis beloved book, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Lucy discovers a magical world after hiding in ...
How do you know if you are a Christian? - Cornerstone Church blog post

How do you know if you are Christian?

The name “Christian” was first given to disciples of Jesus in the city of Antioch in the 1st Century. It ...
Living in this Fear-filled World - Cornerstone Church Blog Post

Living in this Fear-Filled World

Some ideas take time to mature. Here are some of those for me. The Sovereignty of God The Power of ...
Truth and Our Children

Truth and Our Children

For the past century, since the period of the enlightenment, the world has drifted away from Truth in the public ...