A Yoke and the Sabbath

November 10, 2019 Download: Audio

Matthew 11:28-12:15

consider what goes into a great experience at the symphony. As you arrive you hear the musicians playing. It is a cacophony of sounds as musicians pluck each string to hear its sound. When an instrument is bumped, or when the humidity or temperature changes, it needs to be retuned. Even in the course of regular use, strings can loosen and need to be retuned. The same is true for you and me. We were created to live in harmony with God’s purposes. We were created to reflect God and His glory. But life has a way of getting us “out of tune.” The temptations of the world knock us around. The attractiveness of wealth and the promise of worldly ways push and pull on us, causing our hearts and minds to fall out of tune with our calling and our relationship to God. We need to be regularly tuned and the Sabbath is our special time for that to happen. The Sabbath directs us back to God. Just as musicians listen to the A note from the oboe to give them a standard by which they tune their instruments, the Christian listens to the Gospel each Sabbath to which he tunes or retune his hearts (passions) and mind (worldview), and consequently affects the motivation and direction for the work he does on the other days of the week.