Abortion and Women’s Rights

February 12, 2017 Download: Notes

Psalm 139

This morning we will look at the first of several issues that are present sources of great division in our country: abortion and women’s rights. I put them together only because the argument in support of abortion flows out of the argument for women’s rights. As we look at this issue, our goal is threefold. One, we need to understand why this is an issue. Abortion is an ugly thing – it is the destruction of a fetus before it is born. So why is it that some argue so vehemently for it? Two, we need to know what the Bible says about it. Three, we need to understand how truth and grace can open the door to discuss the issue. As image-bearers of God, we must pursue the sanctity of life for women and the unborn.

Unfortunately, the original recording was lost. Attached you will find the manuscript.

Ps 139 13-16 Abortion and Women