Anchoring Your Soul

February 9, 2020 Download: Audio

Hebrews 6:9-20

If I trust God with my life, how do I know I’ll be okay? The more you decide to trust someone, the more out on a limb for them you go. The risk gets higher and the dangers get increasingly real. That’s how it is in any relationship, is it not? Think of when you started dating or about dating for the first time. Trusting someone means opening up, letting them see who you really are. How much of that can you do? How much of yourself can you let someone see? The answer is always tied to trust. You take a step in trust, and another and another. Eventually you reach your limit. You realize there is farther to go, but fear grips you.

That would be the case with the readers of this letter soon enough, if it wasn’t already. Trusting God, believing Jesus to be God in the flesh would become costlier and costlier. It would cost association in the synagogues, the hub of their lives. It could eventually cost their jobs or even their lives. The risks, in other words, were great. The same is true for you, too. The greater the risk, the deeper the trust must be. Thus, the writer seeks to strengthen your trust and enable you take another step toward vulnerability, toward risk, toward danger. How do you know you won’t get swept away? How do you know this one in whom you trust can save you amidst the growing threats? This is what the writer of Hebrews seeks to address.

He wants you to see that your trust is not on shaky ground. It is not on shaky truth. It is stronger than any of the dangers coming your way. It is strong enough to keep you from being swept away.