Commissioned to be neighborly

April 10, 2016 Download: Audio Notes

Luke 9:57-10:20

I had an interesting conversation this week with a man outside of Starbucks. We met to talk about an item he was selling and as we talked the topic of religion came up. He didn’t like religion. All that he could see about Christianity was colored by his negative experiences with people who called themselves Christian. And I can’t really blame him for doing that. After all, isn’t a tree known by its fruit? I asked my history class this week how you know whether or not someone is a Christian. They responded with the theological answer, “only God knows a person’s heart.” And while, in the end that is true, the Bible is not silent when it comes to evaluating a person’s faith. The evidence of your faith is the way you live. If you say you are a Christian, would your neighbors know it?