Considering God’s Judgment

May 22, 2016 Download: Audio Notes

Isaiah 2-4 selected verses

For years I hated going into our closet. It was disorganized, dangerous, and dark. It was difficult to go in without tripping on something. Of the two lights, only one worked. But the thought of doing something about it was a bit daunting. You might think that changing the dead bulb would be an easy place to start, but I was reluctant. Though the fixed light would help me avoid tripping on things in the closet, it would also highlight the mess that was in it.

This was, in essence, Israel’s problem during the days of Isaiah. They were a mess and beginning to experience the problems of that mess. Instead of turning to the Lord, however, they turned to other things in hope that they could find their way out of their problems. Why didn’t they turn to the Lord? I think there was a fear of what they might see.

Isaiah implores,

    O house of Jacob, come, let us walk in the light of the Lord.

This light is a supernatural light. It is one that shines into places that no other light can shine. One is the future and another is the soul. Israel needed both if it was to survive the difficulties that were coming and become the people God intended.