Enter God’s Rest

January 12, 2020 Download: Audio

Hebrews 3:7-4:13

The writer sees persecution coming and seeks to warn the church against, more than anything else, losing her faith. Of all the books in the New Testament, it is perhaps Hebrews that helps us understand saving faith and what it looks like, and the principle component he brings up time and again is that saving faith perseveres through the onslaught of trial after trial, storm after storm that pounds down upon it. This is why we find such severe warnings in this book, one of which we considered last week when we reflected back upon the judgment of God that came upon the people when Moses came down from the mountain and found them caught up in idol worship. Time and again throughout this book we see the need for faith to persevere. It is enough to challenge the oft-quoted statement, “once saved, always saved.” We will see that in this passage just as we will again in a couple of weeks when we get to chapter 6. You have to get this if you want to understand the book of Hebrews. Faith is under attack from every side and perseverance is absolutely paramount if you are to survive.