Finding Enjoyment in Your Toil

May 26, 2019 Download: Audio

Ecclesiastes 2:18-26

I loved the show fixer-upper. The basic structure of the show is this: they find a house (or 3) that are often quite ugly and have lots of problems. Then they tell the story of the people buying the home and the ideas for fixing it up. Throughout the show there are hints that this once disaster of a house will become something good, but it isn’t until the final few minutes that the finished product is revealed. And I love the way they do the reveal. They print a massive picture of what the house looked like when they bought it and then pull away to reveal what it looks like now.

In some ways that what has been happening in Ecclesiastes. He’s been walking us through the rooms of our human philosophies, the various ways we pursue meaning, fulfillment, happiness and how they ultimately lead to emptiness, while all the while hinting, though quite subtly, that there is hope. In this chapter we finally find something that is good. There is joy to be found! But getting there is going to require some reorientation of our thinking.