Forty Days of Proof

March 27, 2016 Download: Audio

Acts 1:1-3

Most of the 40s in the Bible are associated with trials and testing. This morning we’re looking at a 40 on the other side of Jesus’s trials and testing. We’re looking at forty days of proof that Jesus is alive. On the one hand, this is a different kind of forty. Whereas all of the other 40s have been doom and gloom, this one gives us reason to celebrate. Our champion has conquered death, paying the penalty we deserve. His resurrection assures believers of life over death!

On the other hand, this is a similar kind of forty. They point to trials and testing. The trials and testing, however, are not for Jesus to face but those who have not yet believed that Jesus is the Christ. It’s not just evidence. It’s mounting evidence. To be truly scientific, which is what the modern person wants to claim, then you must be willing to shed accepted beliefs when the evidence doesn’t support them.