Forty Days of Taunting

March 6, 2016 Download: Audio

1 Samuel 17

What keeps you from experiencing the intimacy of a relationship with God? Even when you know the gospel – when you can articulate that Jesus loves you because he willingly went to the cross to die for your sins – you don’t always experience this joy of being close to God. Knowing that you are forgiven and feeling loved are two different things. One is objectively true. The other is subjectively felt. And while it is vital to hang onto the objective truth of the gospel – that salvation is a work of grace and not merit – it is the subjective experience of the gospel that embodies relationship.

Israel had an enemy standing between them and their full inheritance just like the Christian today. Israel’s enemy was Goliath who held them in fear as he taunted them for 40 days. The Christian’s enemy is The Accuser – Satan – whose taunts keep Christians from enjoying the closeness of God.