Future Glory

April 23, 2017 Download: Audio

Isaiah 54

So what did the work of the suffering servant produce? That’s what the next few chapters are about. The results are beyond grand as we will see. For the people of Isaiah’s day, and those who would read him while living in exile, it pointed to the future and was a source of great hope. That future began to unfold in the person of Christ. In particular, that future starts with the New Testament Church. So what is so great about the church that would have given sustaining hope to people in exile? It points to the supernatural work of God.

There is some irony in this. For the people living in exile, without any conceivable view of rescue, it is the supernatural quality of their future that gave them hope. In today’s culture, it is the supernatural quality that makes it that much harder to believe. I think we need this text because the world would have us disregard the supernatural. When we do, salvation becomes something mediocre. It doesn’t bring much excitement. Sadly, that’s where too many Christians are today. Without that excitement, it’s hard to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

You need to see this morning the glory that is destined for the church.