God is Good! (Ps 65)

May 29, 2022 Download: Audio

Psalm 65

God is worthy of our worship. Have you ever had someone do something for you at just the right moment or give you something for which you were in desperate need? There is that moment when it hits you how significant that gift was; how timely and how necessary that it brings tears to your eyes, or sends shivers down your spine and raises the hairs on the back of your neck. You want to find that person and thank them, even though you know that no measure of recognition can be enough. It moves you and changes how you will forever see that person. I have that sense at times toward my parents, especially when I face a difficult parenting moment of my own and think back about how my parents shepherded me through such times. It gives me such a new perspective, a new appreciation for what they did for me. It is in those moments that I want to call them up and thank them. It could be you’ve had such an experience. Maybe it was when someone forgave you for some horrible thing you did to them. Maybe it was when a friend supported you when no one else would, or provided something for you at just the right moment. It moves you when you no longer take these gifts for granted and see them for the wonder they are.

This is what our time in worship is to be. These are moments when we realize that who you are, where you are, are the result of God’s wondrous provision. Taking the time to stop and recognize God becomes worship.