God’s King (Ps 72)

June 26, 2022 Download: Audio

Psalm 72

It is interesting to look back in history and find that people are often governed by kings, whether by that name or another. And we would be hard-pressed to think that this was not in-line with the will of the people. On the contrary, I think we have an innate sense that there should be a king to rule over us. The great American experiment in which we have a representative government is an exception to that, but not completely. Presidents function, in many ways, like a king.

At the same time, it is easy to argue against kingship. It is next to impossible to find an example of a good king when you look back in history. More often they are known for their corruption and pride. The same thing was true in the ancient days of the Old Testament. King after king ruled for his own benefit, growing rich at the expense of the people. Nevertheless, we still hear the voice of the people of Israel saying in the days of the Judges, “give us a king to rule over us.”

At the heart of this desire for a king is a longing for justice and security, so that the land and people might flourish. Only a king (a ruler) can offer that. Without one, there is just chaos. As is often described in the days of the judges, “everyone did as he saw fit in his own eyes.” Without a king, disputes are settled with might rather than justice. The door is open for oppression and abuse. Without a king, their is no banner under which to unite, no leader that can pull together a defense against an invader.

So if a king is the only answer and history shows that no king is good, what can we do? What can we hope for? Enter this prayer. In it we see our only hope—which is for a Kingdom ruled by a King that God has equipped and blessed.