Hope for the Dysfunctional Family

July 26, 2015 Download: Audio

Genesis 37

In this chapter there is no mention of God. Things go badly, terribly for Joseph. And yet, the reader, especially the original audience, knows how the story ends. He knows why Joseph is such an important figure in Genesis. Joseph becomes the ruler over Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. Through Joseph’s administrative and leadership skills, his family, the one through whom the promises to Abraham will be fulfilled, are saved. It is one of the places in the Bible where we can see the importance of random events.

If we didn’t know the how Joseph’s story ends and only had the events of this chapter to draw upon, we might conclude the same things that secular people conclude about God today. He doesn’t know what he’s doing because things are spiraling out of control. But we do, and the end of the story throws light on the beginning of the story. In that light we see a God who protects His people and perseveres in His promises. That is something we desperately need to know as we face increasingly uncertain times.